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Basketball Monster Open for 23-24 NBA Fantasy Season
avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/14 4:13 AM

Welcome to Basketball Monster for the NBA 23-24 Fantasy Season.  It’s still early with over two months until the season, and we currently have:

  • Initial Season Projections for both Josh Lloyd and Kyle McKeown. These are still being updated as rosters are not entirely set, and trades are still possible.
  • PG Tier from Matt Smith with the other positions coming next.
  • NEW THIS SEASON: Our Monster Bar column which is a compact, easy-to-read display of the following values:
    • Josh Projections
    • Kyle Projections
    • Last Season
    • Final 2 months of the season
    • Final 3 weeks of the season

Here's an example bar with the larger number being games played and the smaller m/g.  Please see Help for more details.



    This example shows per-game values, but you can also show a bar with total values.  Both of these columns are selectable on most pages under Edit Display Columns.

    We’ll post updates here as changes occur leading up to the season, and feel free to post questions or comments here.

    Also note that the NBA schedule has not been released yet but will be later in August.  So the Schedule Grid, # of playoff games, etc. are yet to come.

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    avatarTheKoolCid911 (2 posts)  8/14 9:43 AM

    Wooo!! New season let's gooo. Thank you BM team!

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    avatarClarkmeister  (7 posts)  8/14 4:40 PM

    Import of rosters seems to not be working yet 

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/14 4:50 PM

    We have to make adjustments for CBS. Is that what you're using?

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    avatarClarkmeister  (7 posts)  8/14 11:40 PM

    Yes thank you 

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    avatarfantasyballfan08  (4 posts)  8/15 2:28 AM

    Good day! It says on the post that there's a PG tier article already? Can't seem to find it. Excited for this season. Thanks again guys!

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    avatarQman130 (1 posts)  8/15 4:53 AM

    ESPN says authorised when putting my details in, but then says I have no active league available. Any help greatly appreciated. 

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/15 5:58 AM

    The PG Tiers can be seen under Members/Drafting Tiers.  They should show on the draft kit too, and we'll give that a look.

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/15 6:00 AM

    @QMan130 - You should see leagues now.

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    avatarClarkmeister  (7 posts)  8/15 12:43 PM

    Still no CBS 

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/15 12:53 PM

    We'll have an update for tomorrow.  It may be a copy/paste solution for now but should work.

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/16 9:17 AM

    We have a manual update process for CBS if you can give that a shot.  The same will need to be applied to the Draft Tracker is team players works well.

    We'll keep trying something more automated, but CBS does not have an API so it can be complex.

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    avatartcarbone  (1 posts)  8/16 10:20 AM

    Where do I get to the "manual update process" for CBS?

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/16 10:24 AM

    It's under Settings/Team Players:

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    avatarFabio Serafini  (2 posts)  8/18 2:36 AM

    any chance to get a separate field for offensive rebounds?

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  8/18 6:15 AM

    You can select Offensive Rebounds as a field under Settings/League Settings.

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    avatarClarkmeister  (7 posts)  9/9 1:12 AM

    Any progress on CBS automation?

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  9/9 9:37 AM

    The rosters are still copy/paste, and we need to add those methods for drafting/standings.  Ideally, we'll be able to automate all of this though it's an issue whenever CBS changes their login process.  At some point. we won't be able to simulate a login once they start using CAPTCHA images. etc.  So eventually, unless they offer API access, the copy/paste will be the only access method.

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    avatarClarkmeister  (7 posts)  9/9 9:19 PM

    Thanks for the response. That obviously sucks. Have they responded to any requests?  Think there's a chance for a favorable outcome?

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    avatarbig bae (1 posts)  9/11 7:19 AM

    hey basketball monster guys. I just tried using the draft tracker with an auction draft and I want to know if there are things that I missed.

    Does josh's projections have est. auction price?

    Does the draft tracker track what is spent and adjust for money left in play?

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  9/11 7:23 AM

    Yes, you should see auction prices once you've filled out your Auction Settings under Settings/League Settings.  During the auction, the remaining dollar pool will be adjusted based on money spent.  This works for Yahoo and FanTrax which supply the info needed.  Let me know if you need help setting this up.

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    avatarjpmedal (2 posts)  9/11 9:18 AM

    Hi I'm having some problems syncing with the Yahoo fantasy basketball draft despite putting in my League Code. The drafted players don't show up despite me pressing the "Refresh from Yahoo!" while the mock draft is going on. 

    Any help would be appreciated. 

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    avatarken_admin (1400 posts)  9/11 9:20 AM

    The mock draft ID will be different than your league ID.  The ID should be listed in the Mock name and also it's in the URL.  Does that fix it?

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    avatarjpmedal (2 posts)  9/11 9:34 AM

    Yes, great! Felt dumb for a moment there. Appreciate it!

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